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What is DeMILItest?

DeMILItest is an on-line diagnostic service that allows, from a standard abdominal MRI, to obtain a diagnostic report related to the presence of NASH and liver Fibrosis on a patient.

What info does the report contain?

DeMILI is based on two image biomarkers, FIBROmri and NASHmri; the report provides the evaluation of these biomarkers, resulting in two indexes between 0 and 1 that are compared with a cutoff threshold in each case, which indicates whether, or not, there is presence of NASH and liver Fibrosis.

How can I access the Service?

The Service is accessed through a web platform, http://demilitest.com/

From this web platform the petitioner can develops the entire process of requesting and receiving the report with the results after the evaluation of the two imaging biomarkers.

What data is needed?

All needed is to have the DICOM file associated with the MRI of the patient, in order to be uploaded to the web platform and being analyzed by the DeMILI´s Diagnosis Center.

In what format should the DICOM file be uploaded to DeMILItest web platform?

The DICOM file must comply with the current NEMA-Standard.

To be uploaded the DICOM file must be compressed in .zip format.

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What are the requirements for the MRI acquisition?

The MRI acquisition should be performed following specific acquisition protocols for DeMILI; currently we have developed protocols for GE, PHILIPS and SIEMENS machines.

These protocols, needed to be configured in your MRI acquisition machines, are annexed to the present document or can be downloaded from our web platform.


What infrastructure does the Radiology Service/Unit of my hospital need?

DeMILI has been evaluated on MRIs obtained with Philips and GE equipment 1.5 Tesla, without contrast.

The use of MRs generated with equipment from other manufacturers could be done following the specific protocols provided in our web platform.

What infrastructure is needed in my Specialty Service/Unit?

None in particular, just having a computer with open access to the Internet for accessing our web platform and uploading speed enough to manage the DICOM file quickly and conveniently.

Could the DeMILItest service be connected to the PAC in my hospital?

No, currently the DICOM file cannot be downloaded directly from the PAC, it must have been transfered to your PC by means your prefered method (fileserver, CD or USB memory).

Could the DeMILItest service be integrated with my patient's Electronic History system?

No, currently DeMILItest is a service that is provided through a stand-alone platform, without connectivity with the APIs of the different health systems.

In the DeMILItest platform you will have a user area to create your own patient record and maintain the history of diagnoses requested and received from each patient, with all the usual tools in this type of management applications.

Is the transfer of data secure?

In order to  guarantee the security and privacy of the data DeMILI adopts the following measures; 1) De-identification of the DICOM file; 2) Secure transmission under HTTPS protocol; 3) Safe storage on secure servers complying with EC and USA regulations.

For further details see the Disclaimer at our web platform.

How much does the DeMILItest service cost?

Currently, DeMILI is in Beta version, its use is limited to scientific and research activities, and is not under commercialization.


If you are interested in using or trying the Service, follow the Sign Up process in our platform, get an account, and upon your request, we will provide you with credit for the execution of a free testing for the aforementioned research purposes or as a Beta Tester.

What is the technology behind DeMILI?

The technology, on which DeMILI is based, is the optical and mathematical analysis of digital magnetic resonance imaging.

This technology has been described in the following publication:


The following video shows in detail the technology used: