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Why be part of DeMILINet?

Our purpose is the establishment of a Diagnostic Collaborative Network worldwide to reduce costs and shorten time response to our customers, making diagnosis of NASH accessible to everyone.
This is a great opportunity to work in an increasing prevalence disease and enhance your career and portfolio of services with a new way of working in teleradiology.
If you are a Radiologist

And you are interested in work from your home or any location of your choice, full time or in your free time; you can become in one of our accredited/approved partners, and being part of our network of diagnostic radiologists, DeMILINet.

If you are a Diagnostic Center for Radiology or Teleradiology

And you are interest in expanding your portfolio of services with the diagnostic of NASH; you can involve your team of radiologists in DeMILINet, we would be glad to accredit your center as approved partner and become in member of our network of diagnostic.

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You only need a computer and fast internet connection

DEMILI, our innovative analysis software will allow you the performance and delivery of diagnostic reports in the most effective and convenient way through our web platform, with full flexibility over your schedule.

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